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Feb 2020Screenpresso1.7.16
Screenpresso 1.7.16

Editor: update OCR Tesserac to version 5-alpha New display for release notes Added 'OpenFileExplorerAfterProcessing' advanced setting Fixed…

Jan 2020Screenpresso1.7.15
Screenpresso 1.7.15

Improved memory usage (some bitmaps are freed more quickly) Fixed wrong FFmpeg version in MSI install

Dec 2019Screenpresso1.7.14
Screenpresso 1.7.14

Fixed a bug with policies and pro license Removed support for Hightail sharing service since they don't provide an API anymore Release notes…

Dec 2019Screenpresso1.7.13
Screenpresso 1.7.13

Screen resolution (DPI) is now set into the captured image file Screen resolution (DPI) is now taken into account when drawing mouse cursor…

Nov 2019Screenpresso1.7.12
Screenpresso 1.7.12

Fixed issue with settings Fixed display of tools in built-in image editor Restored "Check for beta update" checkbox in About Box dialog

Nov 2019Screenpresso1.7.11
Screenpresso 1.7.11

Fix the startup issue when no settings.xml exist.

Nov 2019Screenpresso1.7.10
Screenpresso 1.7.10

Fix a set of minor bugs.

Oct 2019Screenpresso1.7.9
Screenpresso 1.7.9

This version is mainly a bug fixes release. Capture Fixed lag at video recording's startup When "Direct MP4 recording" option is checked…

Sep 2019Screenpresso1.7.8
Screenpresso 1.7.8

Capture Automatic merge of mp4 files when multiple files have been generated during video recording When "Direct MP4 recording" option is…

Jun 2019Screenpresso1.7.7
Screenpresso 1.7.7

Fixed German translations Fixed issue when generating an animated gif document

Apr 2019Screenpresso1.7.6
Screenpresso 1.7.6

Workspace: added 'Save workspace location' setting QuickCapture: it is now possible to show the small bar at the bottom of the screen…

Jan 2019Screenpresso1.7.5
Screenpresso 1.7.5

Fix instabilities in the image editor.

Jan 2019Screenpresso1.7.4
Screenpresso 1.7.4

Fixed countdown timer

Jan 2019Screenpresso1.7.3
Screenpresso 1.7.3

Added custom time configuration for delayed capture Added an action setting to allow automatic printing after every capture Added Sweden…

Feb 2018Screenpresso1.7.2
Screenpresso 1.7.2

Capture: WebCam’s window size and location is now saved. It is also possible to open WebCam’s driver settings Capture: after a capture…

Dec 2017Screenpresso1.7.1
Screenpresso 1.7.1

Editor: improved image editor’s automatic window’s sizing when an image is opened Editor: better support for RightToLeft text edition Editor…

Jul 2017Screenpresso1.7.0
Screenpresso 1.7.0

Better support for high resolution monitors Reworked user interface Fixed breaking change in Facebook API Removed support for Flickr Added…

Apr 2017Screenpresso1.6.8
Screenpresso 1.6.8

Editor: added a context menu command to delete all items Capture: fixed zoom issue during video recording Capture: fixed crash during video…

Jan 2017Screenpresso1.6.7
Screenpresso 1.6.7

Added a new quick view border less and top most window. Select a capture then press key In built-in image editor, it is now possible to use…

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