Screenpresso 1.9.5

NEUVERSION VERFÜGBARScreenpressoMärz 2021 (1.9.5)

Benoist J

Video improvements

Fixed random crash when recording a video with system sound (what I hear)
Fixed manual selection of audio source adapter. Previously, it was not taken into account
Fixed the issue "ValueTuple.dll is missing" on some computers, when playing a video
Fixed the issue when playing an avi file, it was sometimes not possible to replay it
Fixed "AccessDenied" error message during video recording when the user's windows session is locked for more than one minute
Disabled hardware acceleration to avoid a black display on the computers that don't support this feature

Editor reworking

Reworked stamps. Now there are nice even on high definition screens. We also added some new stamps

Publish reworking

The windows are not displayed within the workspace anymore
Fixed generated YouTube URLs
Fixed Evernote

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