Screenpresso 1.7.1

新しい使用可能なバージョンScreenpresso2017年12月 (1.7.1)

Jean-Christophe Baey

Editor: improved image editor’s automatic window’s sizing when an image is opened
Editor: better support for RightToLeft text edition
Editor: increased max font size
Capture: added an alert message when a user wants to use ‘Direct MP4 recording’ feature under Windows 7 (Windows 8 or above is required)
Editor: fixed an issue when drawn items did not appear when opening a image
Editor: fixed an issue with thickness setting that was reset
Editor: fixed a translation issue in Arabic that could make a crash
Player: ‘Original size’ checkbox’ state is now persisted in settings
Renamed ‘portable mode’ to ‘not installed mode’ in startup window. Portable mode applies only when run from a USB key
Added support for Windows Store and Windows 10 S
Multiple minor bug fixes

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