のScreenpresso PROをアップグレード 税抜価格ボリュームディスカウントが自動的に適用されます。
のScreenpresso ENTERPRISEをアップグレード 税抜価格.


    How many licenses do I need?

    One license is for one person and can be used 5 times (e.g. on 5 computers, either at work or at home). Once applied, a license cannot be uncommitted or transferred. If you order several licenses (for several users), the same activation key will contain several licenses (e.g., if you purchased 3 licenses, 3 people can use the activation key up to 5 times). Once Screenpresso has been switched to pro, it is recommended to perform a backup of its settings, including the license.

    Is payment secured?

    We teamed up with 2checkout (new name of Avangate) to provide a secure and reliable platform for selling our software products online. The whole ordering process is supported by 2checkout, who handles all transactions details.

    Your private data is 100% safe, as 2checkout complies with the latest online security standards including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the European Data Protection Law Enforcement Directive.

    Can I order using a Purchase Order?

    Yes, all kind of payments including credit card, PayPal and purchase order are supported. Just select the option during the payment process.

    Are updates included?

    A purchased license for a given Screenpresso version is a lifetime. The software insurance is included for one year and provides all major updates for free. If you want to upgrade Screenpresso after the end of this period, you will need to buy the newest software release at a special upgrade price.

    Upgrade Policy

    If you choose to upgrade your current version of Screenpresso to the newest version, you may have to pay for that upgrade.
    If you bought Screenpresso less than a year ago, you have a maintenance agreement included, the upgrade is free.
    If you own an older release, you can buy the newest software release at a special upgrade price, all previous versions are included.
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