Capture d’écran en image et vidéo

Gagnez du temps en expliquant visuellement avec des captures d’écran.

« Une image vaut mille mots! »

Screenpresso capture votre bureau Windows (en images et en vidéos HD) pour vos documents, tutoriels, maquettes, travaux collaboratifs, vos rapports de bogues et bien plus…

Screenpresso est un outil léger de capture d’écran avec éditeur intégré, générateur de documents et fonctionnalités de partage.

Téléchargez Screenpresso GRATUITEMENTToutes versions de Windows

Capturez en Vidéos et Images

Capture en Vidéos et ImagesCapturez ce que vous voyez sur votre écran en quelques clics.

Organisez votre historique de captures par espaces de travail.

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Créez de superbes images et documents

editor300x206@2Editer et mettez en avant ce qui est important dans les images avec notre éditeur d’images intégré.

Créez des documents PDF avec notre générateur de documents.

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Partagez vos captures d’écran


Glissez-déposez vos captures d’écran sur vos e-mails pour créer des fichiers attachés en 1 secondes.

Partagez vos vidéos et images avec Screenpresso Cloud sans créer de compte

Publiez sur Evernote, Google Drive, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox et bien plus…

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Nos clients parlent de Screenpresso

Screenpresso is easily one of the simplest, best screenshot tools I have ever used. I appreciate its small computer footprint, but large power. It allows me to quickly show students what they should be seeing instead of trying to describe it.
John Bono, Assistant Professor, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, USA
Your product is wonderful! It really makes it easy for me to explain something to my colleagues or clients because explaining to them by showing them exactly what I need them to do is key; and your tool does the job.
Jonathan Vargas, IT Dept.,
With Screenpresso I minimize misunderstandings since complicated facts can be easily pictured by meaningful images and movies. Hence Screenpresso is one of my favorite applications for daily work.
Manfred Elchlepp, Project Manager Mobile Publishing, Agfa Graphics N.V., Munich/Germany
This is the only screen capture software I know of that isn’t bloated and « just works ». Perfect. Hope it stays that way.
Ryan R., SAP Architect, Ypsilanti Twp., MI
Perfektes Programm um Anleitungen, Verfahrensanweisungen, etc. zu erstellen.
Lars O., EDV, AWO Residenz Sehnde, Sehnde / Germany
I am loving screenpresso – I have recently upgraded to Windows 8.1 and the convoluted way of using the snipping tool has been driving me spare! Thanks for a great alternative.
Jenny Iselin, Senior Business Analyst,, Brisbane, Australia
I use Screenpresso everyday, all day long at work. I am now a capture addict. Having an easy and comprehensive capture tool that allows me to label, sort and edit captures into custom folders by topic and instantly post to my multiple cloud storage portals, allows me to have content I need available when I need it. With settings within the software to allow for near full control over every aspect of your capture, It’s paid for itself 10 times over.
Chris Cassil, ADP Implementation Consultant,, California
I do a lot of genealogy research so I use a lot of clipping so I can compare information and use for source material data. This program works excellently on pdf files. Thanks for a great program at a great price.
Jim Cunningham, Gautier MS
I have tested screenpresso thoroughly and recommended it to a lot of People, being a trainer, I usually train 6-10 persons per week. I hope, that some of these folks do also buy the software that they use regularly – to honor and value the effort that you put in creating such a good tool. Carry on!
Daniel Wipperfürth, Citrix Certified Instructor, ADN Germany,
I love Screenpresso. It is a tool I probably use 50 times a day. It has just about every feature possible and the work area and editor are great. when not needed it neatly tucks out of the way. On the scale of 1 – 10, I give Screenpresso and it’s company a 15. Fast customer support too!
PG Carr,Owner, Handy Web Guy, Seattle, WA USA, www.HandyWebGuy.Com

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