Working with both Microsoft Word and Screenpresso (video)

In this video tutorial you will learn how to efficiently add screenshots to a Microsoft Word document.


Welcome in this Screenpresso tutorial.

Today I would like to show you how to use Microsoft Word and Screenpresso together to work efficiently. Let’s say I want to explain my end user how to change power setings of Windows. So first of all I open Microsoft Word and type my text. “Click on Windows’ startup button then open ‘Settings'”. “Click System” button. “In ‘Power and Sleep’, change settings”.

OK, now let’s take some screenshots using Screenpresso.
I open Windows’ startup menu, press the [Print Screen] key to start a capture, draw my region, then release the mouse button. I have my capture and I can go to Microsoft Word then press Control and ‘V’ to paste my screenshot. “Click System button”. Again, [Print Screen] key, one single click, go to Microsoft Word, press Control and ‘V’. Now as you can see the workspace always automatically opens when I take a screenshot. This is anoying today because I want to take many screenshots to paste them in Microsoft Word. What I can do is open settings and ask Screenpresso not to open the workspace. Showing ballon tip only will be enought. So now I can take my screenshot and Screenpresso workspace does not open.

Now what we can see is that my screenshots are quite big. I’d like them to be smaller.
I can change the size using Microsoft Word but I have to do this for all of my captures. Again this is not efficient and I can ask Screenpresso to do this for me. Open settings and ask for the image of every screenshots to be resized. I don’t want to change the size for real, I want to keep the same quality. I just want to ask Microsoft Word to display the images smaller. So I take change only the resolution and I have to take my screenshots again. All right, press [Print Screen] key, select the region, then paste. Again the image is big, why is this? Because here I paste the image from the clipboard which does not support DPI resolution. If I want the resolution to be applied, I need to drag and drop the image from workspace to MS Word. There it’s working. Now how can we avoid this since it is still not very efficient? I can ask Screenpresso to copy inside the clipboard not the image itself but the file path to the image. Let’s take the screenshot again. And this time it’s working, the image is smaller. Now I can work very fast.

Another setting: what I can do is add a watermark to all of my screenshots.
Watermark, yes, configure, add the text, change the position of the text, change color, font, and so on. I take also add a logo. Press OK and OK. Now I can take my screenshot again and paste it inside MS Word. There I have my watermark.

Now let’s say I want the mouse cursor to appear in the screenshot.
I can configure this via settings and check ‘Mouse cursor’. I press the [Print Screen] key and this time as you can see the mouse cursor is in. I capture my region and paste in MS Word, the cursor appears.