User manual generation in Screenpresso (video)

In this video tutorial you will learn how to generate PDF files with screenshots and text using Screenpresso “user manual generator” feature.



Welcome in this Screenpresso tutorial.

You might need to explain some friends or end users how to use a feature of a software. For instance, today I’d like to explain how to change sleep mode of Windows. First I will take some screenshots then associate some texts to them to generate a user manual. Using Screenpresso it will be easy and quick.

So, let’s take the screenshots first.
I want the user to open the startup menu. Now I press Print Screen key to perform the capture. I draw the region to capture, then release the mouse button. Now I want the user to go to Settings window. I can press the Print Screen key again or use the Screenpresso toolbar. As you might see, Screenpresso detects the window so instead of drawing the region to capture, I can perfom a single click. Now I want the user to go to Power and Sleep so I take a capture again. I can use the “Screenshot previous region” to request Screenpresso to capture the same area than my previous screenshot.

Now I have my screenshots, let’s generate the user manual.
I select them then click the “New document”. I can set a title to my user manual. I can change the order of my screenshots and double-click on them to add some texts and annotations. Save, then go to the second screenshot. Highlight the button to be clicked. Save. And finally the third screenshot. My user manual is almost ready. I can change some advanced settings or document template, then change the output file name and select the output file type. It can be PDF fie, Microsoft Word file, HTML or Animated GIF. Please notice that Screenpresso is a standalone tool. IT does not require Microsoft Word to be installed on the computer to generate the file.

OK, so my file is generated. It is opened automatically and I can find my user manual.
As you might have noticed, I made a typo here and I’d like to fix it. I can open Screenpresso, find my PDF file, double-click on it, double-click on the screenshot, click on the item, and fix my typo. Then save and generate the PDF file again.

Now I have my user manual.
I can drag and drop it or publish it using the built-in features of Screenpresso to send it by e-mail or any Cloud based systems.