How to use Screenpresso on iOS ?


Screenpresso on iOS can upload medias (images or videos) to a specific workspace on your Screenpresso running on your PC desktop.

The first time, the iOS app needs to be pair with the workspace:

1) On your PC, display the QR code on the workpace that will receive the uploaded medias:

Display the QR code on the PC

On your iPhone or iPad

Run Screenpresso on iOS, select some images to upload to your workspace.
Then press ‘Share’ > Then press ‘Send to Screenpresso’ (or press settings) to shoot the displayed QR code.
Once done, Screenpresso will upload the medias.

Screenpresso on iOS

Back on your PC

On your PC, click on OK to hide the QR code. Wait few seconds, click again on cloud icon on the workspace and you will see your uploaded media.

iOS sync