5 reasons to be addicted to Screenpresso new 1.5.4 version

Screenpresso continue to save your precious time with 5 new productivity oriented features.

  • Create awesome animated GIF in few seconds
  • Extract the text of your screenshots!
  • Copy part of a screenshot
  • Capture images and videos of your Android devices!
  • Optimize images to reduce the file size

We have also improved the overall responsiveness of the user interface.

Download it or Check for update to get the FREE update to 1.5.4 version

Create awesome animated GIF in few seconds

In your corporate Wiki, intranet, website or email, animated GIF are very popular because they can be read on any devices, they are short (30 seconds) and focus on what matters.
2 steps to create a GIF on Screenpresso:

  • Record a video
  • Choose GIF as the save option

That’s it!

Gif button

See how to create a GIF with Screenpresso in this GIF:
Animated GIF Creation

Copy the text present in your screenshot!

Have you ever complained because you cannot copy the text of a messagebox ?
This is now the past with the new extract text from image in Screenpresso 1.5.4.

  • Take a screenshot
  • Open the screenshot with Screenpresso’s built-in editor
  • Click on the Copy image button then extract text button

Extract text in image

See the feature in action:

Extract image text

Copy part of your image

In addition to the text copy, you can now copy a selection of the image in the clipboard thanks to this new button:

copy part of the image

Capture images and videos of your Android devices

A new “Android center” is available on Screenpresso context menu:

Android center

Video capture is available on Android 4.4 (KitKat) and Android 5.0 (Lollipop).
This is very straightforward:

  • Connect your Android device (smartphone or tablet) to your PC using USB
  • Put your device in debug mode to enable the PC to capture (to be done once). All the procedure is described in Screenpresso.
  • Open the Android center
  • Choose between image capture (screenshot) or video capture (screencast)

Once the capture is done, the image or video appears in your Screenpresso workspace.

Screenpresso is looking for connected devices:
Android Scanning

Screenpresso Android center main window:
Android center on Samsung

Example of screen capture on a Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung screen capture

Optimize PNG and JPEG images to reduce the file size

Select several image files, right click and choose Recompress.

Recompress Png

Other features and bug fixes

  • Document: added internal table of content to generated documents
  • Sharing: fixed issue with Facebook, Flickr and Imgur
  • Improved overall GUI performances