• Software is now available in German
  • Capture: error occurred when copying captured image to clipboard when clipboard was already used by another process
  • Editor : Undo caused the window to center on screen
  • History: the user can now drop an image in the window for adding it to the history
  • History: error message ‘UpdateToolBar’ was displayed when displaying history under Windows Seven after migration from Windows Vista
  • History: some features like save as were impossible to use since the history was closing automatically
  • History: corrected shortcut information. Double-click edits selected image, it does not open it using default windows viewer
  • Image stiching algorithm improved : it uses less memory now
  • Version information in add/remove program window was not updated after live update of Screenpresso when installed
  • Updated Twitter integration:
    – Multiple accounts
    – Status updates are sent directly from screenpresso application– bit.ly URL shortener is now supported to reduce url length in status message
    – Status url is displayed after been posted